Glenross Living Kalutura is a haven of tranquility and wellness that offers a holistic approach to healthy living. Our mission is to help you achieve optimal well-being by providing practical solutions to enhance your physical, mental, and emotional health.

At Glenross Living Kalutura, we understand the importance of balance and harmony in one's life. That's why we have created a unique living experience that promotes practical wellness. Our approach to wellness is not just limited to the usual spa treatments and fitness routines but extends to all aspects of life. From nutritious meals to mindful practices, we provide an environment that encourages healthy living.

Our practical wellness program focuses on four key areas: nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, and community. Our team of experts work together to provide you with customized programs that meet your specific needs and goals.

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Serenity abounds in our little sanctuary set in a lush estate in Neboda, Kalutara. Amidst the tropical flora, you will come across a colonial planter's bungalow standing as it has from ages past, keeping watch over the changing seasons. Georgian windows, gables and stone walls handcrafted by Ceylonese artisans over 144 years ago blend seamlessly with touches of modernity and style, while preserving the old-world charm of a luxurious Sri Lankan villa. Unwind in spacious tranquility, lounge by the pool, picnic under the cooling shade of trees scattered across the 90-acre land and have a personal butler take care of all your needs; experience true luxurious indulgence.

Our unique location also means that there are plenty of adventures that lie in wait for intrepid travelers. Explore the plantation's hiking trails on a bird watching excursion, interact with locals as they engage in the age-old art of tapping rubber or peeling cinnamon. Make your way to local sites such as the Kalutara Temple and Richmond Castle. Come; experience a slice of paradise at Glenross Living.

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